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This conference is organised into the following 10 streams. When writing your abstract, please consider which stream you would like it to be placed into. Email your abstract to the designated email address for that stream (eg

Stream 1 - Education and 2nd Generation E-Learning

Technological teaching techniques (including blogging, open sourcing and interactive methods) are evolving rapidly within the lecture room. Focusing on how newer technology affects teaching and learning methods, this stream will focus on the future of these methods and provide a signpost for the next stage of development.

Email submission to:

Stream 2 - Horizon scanning

Looking somewhat speculatively into the future, this stream asks the question, where technology will go from here and also what the legal response should be to these suggested changes. The legal reality of science fiction meets BILETA!

Email submission to:

Stream 3 - E-Crime and Terrorism

The post-9/11 world is significantly different to the world inhabited beforehand; terrorism is a long-standing watchword with new implications. Almost silently increasing in scope are the forms of terrorism and other criminality online. This stream will address the challenges presented by this new method of criminality and consider the legal challenges presented by cyber-criminals.

Email submission to:

Stream 4 - Security, privacy and data protection: who’s who?

This stream covers a multitude of issues ranging from encryption, electronic verification of identity (and of data), data protection issues, Safe Harbour, Internet banking concerns, electronic finance methods, online privacy, cookies and surveillance technologies.

Email submission to:

Stream 5 - Internet governance and the digital divide

Two of the current key themes circling the Internet are brought together in this stream. What role does technology, perhaps specifically M-Commerce, have in bridging the digital divide? Does the digital divide really exist? How can this divide be bridged? Furthermore, this stream will also allow opportunity to analyse the changes in Internet governance over the past year. Will these developments, notably the Internet Governance Forum narrow the digital divide?

Email submission to:

Stream 6 - Intellectual property and technology issues

Legislative developments surrounding intellectual property in the past few years coupled with the rise of electronic commerce have changed the landscape of this area of law. Considering issues surrounding domain names, webvertising, patents and copyright this stream will analyse intellectual property in its broadest sense.

Email submission to:

Stream 7 - Technological challenges for the legal profession

Technology is developing at a rapid pace, yet there is evidence to suggest that the legal profession are lagging behind in keeping up with these changes. This stream will focus on providing the legal profession advice on technology challenges, how such technology could benefit their firm and considerations that should be taken into account when using this technology.

Email submission to:

Stream 8 - Consumer and environmental protection online

Consumers are significantly more confident in using the online environment, than they were just a handful of years ago. Yet, they still require protection from unscrupulous traders and scams. Furthermore, this stream provides an opportunity to consider the wider environmental concerns of the Internet, including pollution, energy use and waste.

Email submission to:

Stream 9 - Tuning in wireless: M-Commerce: the next challenge?

The central plank of BILETA 2007 is the challenges of M-commerce. What are these challenges? How is M-commerce changing the course of business in the 21st century? This stream addresses these concerns and asks whether legislation currently in place is adequate to enable M-commerce to develop.

Email submission to:

Stream 10 - Virtual Communities: From the suburbs to the metropolis

Cyberspace is the defining location of the last decade, yet how has this happened? What challenges are presented by these virtual communities? What considerations are there about a new body of people connecting solely by use of technology?

Email submission to:

This list is not exhaustive and is quite broad in nature to provide a wide range of potential papers. If you have an idea for a paper, which does not fit easily into the above topics, please email



Paper, scissors, stone: Business, law and politics – the E and M-Commerce debate

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Please send an abstract (about 500 words) of your paper to the specific email address of the stream that it relates to (eg -

The closing date for abstracts has been extended to Friday 2nd March 2007.

Notification of acceptance will be by Friday 16th March. Final papers (alongside presentations) must be submitted by Friday 30th March.


If you require further information about the conference or have any questions please contact Kevin Rogers:

Tel: 01707 286212