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The accepted papers (PDF files) are listed below and can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat.

Stream 1 - Education and 2nd Generation E-Learning

Michael Bromby - Peebles and Gobbets...Online Problem-Based Learning in Law

Professor Paul Maharg and Patricia McKellar - Learning through Simulations: SIMPLE

Patrick Quirk - Curriculum Dilemmas -Teaching Global Cyberlaw

Wayne Rumbles - Subscribe Now: Podcast Technology and the Study of Law

Martin Jones - Collaboration and transparency in teaching on in the field of Cybercrime

Dr. Poolla R.K. Murti - Experiences with the P.G. Course on Cyber Laws & Intellectual Property Rights

Stream 2 - Horizon scanning

Ruth Atkins - Software asks the questions: what's the law's response?

Joel D'Silva - Nanotechnology: Development, Risk and Regulation

Dr Jonathan Fitchen - Grand designs, new Vistas and diplomacy by other means

Jordan S. Hatcher - Of Otaku and Fansubs: A Critical Look at Anime Online in Light of Current Issues in Copyright Law

Anne-Kathrin Kuehnel - How open is open? Microsoft's Shared Source Initiative as an Alternative to Open Source Software

Rowena E Rodrigues - Big bio-brother is here, watching, taking and keeping your DNA

Long Long - Avatars as Separate Legal Entities

Kees van Noortwijk - A quantitative analysis of legal word use

Mags McGinley - Old Dogs and New Tricks: Digital Curation – a New Concept Touching on Numerous Established Areas of Law

Stream 3 - E-Crime and Terrorism

Dr. Maria Alvanou - Virtual Jihad: Analysis of the Internet Communication Strategy of the Jihadi War

Dr. Poolla R.K. Murti and K. Prasanna Rani - Cyber Criminal Law of India: Can it cope with Cyber Terrorism?

Joseph A. Cannataci - The Computer Misuse Act 1990: reformed or deformed?

Gregory C. Mosier - Confrontation of Witnesses in US Criminal Actions: Limits on Technology Enabled Interaction

Burkhard Schafer and Izwan Iskandar Ishak - Trust me, I’m a computer scientist: A comparative study in the interpretation and evaluation of computer forensic evidence

Maureen Johnson and Kevin M Rogers - The Fraud Act 2006: The E-Crime Prosecutor’s champion or the creator of a new inchoate offence?

Stream 4 - Security, privacy and data protection: who’s who?

Dr Bostjan Bercic and Dr Carlisle George - Data protection and database theory - Applying database design principles to personal data identification

Fanny Coudert, Eleni Kosta and Prof. Jos Dumortier - Data protection in the third pillar: in the aftermath of the ECJ decision on PNR data and the data retention directive

Noriswadi Ismail - RFID: Malaysia's privacy at the crossroads?

Karen Mc Cullagh - Data protection: resolving the sensitivity conundrum

Professor Abu Bakar Munir and Siti Hajar Mohd. Yasin - Would the Phishers Get Hooked?

Dr. Poolla R.K. Murti and K. Prasanna Rani - Law of Electronic Verification of Identity and Data Protection in India

Judith Rauhofer - Blowing the whistle on Sarbanes-Oxley: Anonymous hotlines and the historical stigma of denunciation in modern Germany

Clare Sullivan - Conceptualising Identity

Rebecca Wong - Clickstream data: Revisiting the notion of "Personal Data" under the Data Protection Directive

Maarten van Stekelenburg - The conclusive force of multi-hop mobile agents

Jeanne Pia Mifsud Bonnici and Joseph A. Cannataci - Availability vs. Privacy: whither data protection after The Hague Programme?

Yianna Danidou - Legal implications of Trusted Computing

Abdul Paliwala - Development of Pan-African Electronic Legal Materials

Stream 5 - Internet governance and the digital divide

Subhajit Basu and Joseph Mwaura - Digital Divide in Digital Age

Neal Geach - The Digital Divide, Financial Exclusion and Mobile Phone Technology: Two Problems, One Solution?

Abhilash Nair - Smut, Speech and the Possession Offence

Stream 6 - Intellectual property and technology issues

Mohammad Alramahi - Has Technology created a new form of Intellectual Property? Establishing Internet Domain Names Ownership

James Griffin - Should there be an amendment to the Information Society Directive to allow for an exception for "creative, transformative or derivative works"?

Nicolas Jondet - La France v. Apple: who's the dadvsi in DRMs?

Smita Kheria - Moral rights in the digital environment: "Authors" absence from authors' rights debate

Dr. Poolla R.K. Murti and Professor M. Hayat - TRIPS: A Blessing in Disguise to the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

Nazura Abdul Manap, Zinatul Ashiqin Zainol, Safinaz Mohd Hussein, Nik Marzuki Sidik, Rohimi Shafiee - The Intellectual Property Rights for New Plant Varieties: A Malaysian Perspective

Caroline Wilson and Hiroko Onishi - The online persona: Hikikomori, avatars and Japanese intellectual property law

Ayan Roy Chowdhury - The future of copyright in India

Ronan Deazley - Judges, Judgments and the Jacobean Press: Ownership and control of judicial opinions in the twenty-first century

Michael Filby - Confusing the Captain with the Cabin Boy: The Dangers Posed To Reform of Cyber Piracy Regulation by the Misrepresented Interface between Society, Policy Makers & the Entertainment Industries

Yueyue Wang - Where Does Fair Use Go? An Insight into Regulating File-Sharing in Research and Education

Lilian Edwards - From Censorship to Cartelisation?: ISPs and their management of undesirable content

István Erdos - Digitalising copyright – a road to nowhere?

Dinusha Mendis - The future of the distance learner: A consideration of the Gowers Review on Intellectual Property and educational exceptions

Nilanjana Sensarkar - The Potential impact of Digital Rights Management in the Indian entertainment industry

Faye Fangfei Wang - Domain Names Management and Dispute Resolutions – A comparative legal study in the UK, US and China

Stuart Weinstein and Charles Wild - The Hong Kong BitTorrent Case (HKSAR v CHAN NAI MING): Will Big Crook Go Down Big Time for a little infringement?

Stream 7 - Technological challenges for the legal profession

Waleed Al-Majid - Electronic Agents and Legal Personality: Time to Treat them as Human Beings

Richard De Mulder and Pieter Kleve - Anomalies in Internet Law

Christine Kirchberger - Paper and stone: How technology has not changed the retrieval of legal information, yet

Stream 8 - Consumer and environmental protection online

Mr Jun Gu - Consumer Rights Protection on the Online Auction Website-Situations and Solutions: A Case Study of EBay

Julia Hörnle - Regulation of Online Gambling and Cross-border Issues

Dr Zurul Zakaria - Motor insurance at the click of a button: legal and practical risks

Stream 9 - Tuning in wireless: M-Commerce: the next challenge?

Evelyne Beatrix Cleff - Legal issues raised by mobile advertising

Yazan Mansour - The E-Money Directive and MNOs: Why it All Went Wrong

Muhammad Aslam Hayat - M-Commerce: Micro Payments, Regulatory Challenges and Emerging Markets

Wen Li - Finality Rules within the Law of Domestic Large Value Electronic Funds Transfer in China

Chris Lever - A Scissor-less, Paperless, Tome: Business, Law and Libraries – the eBook and Mobile-Reader Debate

Stream 10 - Virtual Communities: From the suburbs to the metropolis

Dr Carlisle George and Dr Jackie Scerri - User-Generated Content Online: Legitimate power or the Wild West?

Dr Martina Gillen - Managing virtual communities: time to turn to the whetstone

Martine Boonk and Arno R. Lodder - How to apply e-commerce and intellectual property law in Virtual worlds? On the blurring borders between the real world (IRL) and virtual reality (in game)




Paper, scissors, stone: Business, law and politics – the E and M-Commerce debate

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If you require further information about the conference or have any questions please contact Kevin Rogers:

Tel: 01707 286212